End of ride data errors

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End of ride data errors

Postby batsonjay on Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:21 pm

(Updated after initial posting with more complete data.)

Ok, I've now got a reproduceable issue to report. Note that I'm using a Garmin Edge 500 with Ascent V 1.11.4

Ascent is not always handling data at the end of long rides properly. I see two illustrations of it, but they have different behaviors, so they may, or may not, represent the same underlying bug.

======= Example 1 =========
The first example has data being shown differently depending on whether the imported data has been saved to a file or not. Here's how I can reproduce it:
- I connect the Garmin, and do a sync, successfully
- If I view the ride laps, specifically if I review the last lap, it shows the lap distance on the map correctly
- I save the data file, and exit Ascent
- I restart Ascent, and open the saved data file
- If I view the ride laps, specifically the last lap, Ascent doesn't handle the last portion of the last lap correct.

Here's a screen shot illustrating the problem. To create this, I did the above sequence (saving the file shown on the right), then created a new file and resynced the same Garmin with the same data.
See http://skitch.com/batsonjay/dp9u1/ascentbugillustration-caperide

======= Example 2 ==========
In this one, the end of the ride data is just garbage, and it shows the same garbage whether or not the Ascent file is saved.

I did a ride on June 10 that was a 148 mile ride, starting in Boston and ending in Windsor Vt. But when I view the data from the ride in Ascent, it shows data ending at 140 miles, and the end point shows on the map as a slight backtrack from the actual route. I'm certain the Garmin was working (and not out of battery) through the entire ride, as my friends and I discussed our ending speed average as shown by our computers at the end of the ride.

Here's an image showing what Ascent thinks the end of the ride looks like: http://skitch.com/batsonjay/dp9w1/b2b-end

Here's where the ride actually ended: http://skitch.com/batsonjay/dp9wu/b2b-real-end, and here's the full route http://skitch.com/batsonjay/dp9ww/b2b-full.

Here's what Ascent says about the ride: http://skitch.com/batsonjay/dp9w5/b2b-data. Note the really funny altitude graph; it comes from a very bizzare endpoint; see here: http://skitch.com/batsonjay/dp9w6/whazzup. (Using the Advanced feature of the activity data panel, I fixed the one altitude datapoint, and got a more sane view: http://skitch.com/batsonjay/dp9iy/b2b-alt-fixed.)

I note that it must be a tricky bug because the Garmin Training Center app kinda gets it right, but only the actual _data_ - not the map. See the GTC record here: http://skitch.com/batsonjay/dp9st/garmin-training-center. It's got the correct distance, but it's map shows ending in the same place that Ascent does...

I note that MapMyRide - via the Garmin Communicator browser plugin - gets the same result as Ascent.. , and here's MapMyRide: http://skitch.com/batsonjay/dp9sq/mapmyride-2010b2b-in-boston-ma

Is there some way to get you some data file that would help you resolve this? I'm suspicious of what I export, since it's coming from within Ascent vs. the Garmin itself. It also wouldn't surprise me if there's some kind of flaw in the Garmin or the Garmin data. Something about that last datapoint makes me suspicious.

However, there are two examples here of "end of ride errors." They may be the same bug, they may not be.

Any way we can sort this out?
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