What is Ascent's licensing policy?

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What is Ascent's licensing policy?

Postby rob on Sat May 17, 2008 3:34 pm

You can purchase a registration code for Ascent and use it on multiple machines, without restrictions.

Having said that, Ascent requires considerable time for development and support. If you use Ascent *simulataneously* on more than one machine, share Ascent with another family member or friend, or are simply pleased with the program and want to see it develop further -- please consider purchasing additional registration code(s). Your financial support will keep us motivated to implement new features.

As of May 2008, all updates to Ascent have been free downloads; however when a future major milestone is reached in the program an "upgrade fee" may be charged to existing users. Since this hasn't happened yet, nothing has been cast in concrete -- but if/when it does the upgrade fee will be reasonable and not penalize recent purchasers.

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