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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 5:18 pm
by rob
Ascent is a rapidly evolving program, and sometimes (too often) bugs will be present in new versions. Although we do everything we can to test things thoroughly before a new version is released, this still can happen because it is impossible to test every possible configuration and combination of data.

Fortunately, backing up your data is very simple. The first time you try to save an Activity document, it prompts you for a location and file name. All you need to do is find that file (it will have the name you assigned, with a '.tlp' extension), and either copy it somewhere, or archive it. Archiving it (creating a zip file) is actually preferable since it will save disk space. To do this, just right-(or control-click) the file, choose "Archive ..." (Tiger) or "Compress..." (Leopard) to generate the zip file.

You can then optionally rename the resulting file to either include the version of Ascent it was generated with, or the current date.

If you can't find your Ascent documents or can't remember where you saved them, just use Spotlight and search for the string "tlp". All Ascent documents on your hard drive(s) should eventually appear.

Never delete old backups unless you really need to. Ascent data files are relatively small, so it should be difficult to store many archived backups.

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Re: How do I back up my Activity Documents? - and why should I?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:05 pm
by rob
Note that in version 1.9.10, Ascent added a new "Auto-Backup" feature. Backup to both local disk and a Mobile Me iDisk are now supported -- you can set your backup locations and frequency using the new "Backup" preference pane.