Why is Ascent's data different from GTC or MB?

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Postby rob on Thu Apr 12, 2007 4:52 pm

Ascent uses the raw sampled data point values from the GPS to calculate data such as speed, distance, moving time, etc displayed in the various views. Since it is impossible to know exactly what algorithms are being used to calculate the same data in the GPS, the Garmin Training Center program, or at motionbased.com, Ascent's data may show slightly different values.

The Garmin Edge and ForeRunner do calculate "summary" lap data, and this can be downloaded from the device. Early versions of Ascent used this data when possible, instead of re-calculating it -- but this can cause some inconsistencies with some of Ascent's features (not present in GTC or MB), such as showing the time certain max values occured, allowing editing of data points, etc. Using the GPS summary data also limits possible new features, such as "insert/delete/combine" lap(s). For these reasons, an executive decision was made to always calculate data in Ascent wherever possible.
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