How do I report a problem with Ascent?

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Postby rob on Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:21 pm

The best way to report a problem is send email to [][/email]

If the data calculated for an activity appears wrong, or an activity is not being displayed correctly, please attach the activity to the email message. The easiest way to email an activity is to select it in the main browser, then right (or control-) click and select the "Email..." option. This will export the activity and attach it to an email message automatically . You can then add text describing a problem and send the email.

If the problem is with one of the import features (tcx, gpx, etc), please attach the input file to the email message.

If you think other Ascent users may have a solution, you can also post the problem in this forum (under "General Discussion"). But the quickest way to get the developer's attention is to send email.

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