Bryton GPX extended format

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Bryton GPX extended format

Postby bungi on Wed May 25, 2011 6:15 pm

Having recently ditched Garmin I'm trialling a Bryton 50 GPS. Bryton currently are working on Mac integration, but their software is mainly aimed at upload to their beta grade not 24/7/365 website. The data analysis on there is close to useless, as they seem to struggle with imperial vs metric units.

The device generates GPX files if you connect it to a PC, and I daresay will generate GPX files when they get their mac driver working. The GPX files created are slightly eccentric, but don't look too bad at first glance. They do parse and validate vs the schema for GPX. I've loaded files into various PC utilities, but none recognise the extension data with cadence or HR, though all load the tracks and data points ok.

I am happy to make some examples available to you, if you would write an input filter for Ascent that can parse these files, so I can make use of your superior software to track my training.

I've been in touch with Bryton a couple of times to ask questions, and submit bug reports, and they seem friendly and somewhat busy, with regular software updates (roughly monthly so far), so there may be an opportunity there for you to build a relationship with a new player in the market.

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