Import / Export of .Fitlog format

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Import / Export of .Fitlog format

Postby MitusRider on Tue Oct 05, 2010 8:04 pm

I noticed that the "other" popular Mac based fitness log software can import the .fitlog format which is an open XML standard devised by the creators of Sportstracks. This allows the import and export of data including power and possibly equipment etc which gives PC to Mac users an easy transition. Otherwise, there is no method I can find of getting data out of Sportstracks and into Ascent with Power etc.

Here is the post made by the Admin of the Sportstracks forum (reposted here as the forum appears to be unreachable currently)...

Hi, thanks for asking.

.fitlog is an XML schema that I designed for SportTracks. It is an attempt to combine all of the needs for tracking exercise info into a single data format which is lacking in current data formats that are in use:

* It stores much more information, including summary info (category, location) and user entered data (distances, laps), equipment, etc.
* Information sections may be optionally present or in any combination - recorded data, entered data, or both.
* There is a spec which recommends how to calculate time & distance totals so they are consistent across different software apps.
* It is not owned by a single GPS/HRM maker, it is hardware neutral.
* It allows you to store workouts for multiple athletes (teams).
* Each block of information is marked with a GUID which will not change, allowing for remote synchronization of data.
* Data representation for track detail is much more compact (50% the size of a comparable .gpx file)

For these reasons it would be a good format for transferring data between software applications, websites, etc, not just SportTracks. Maybe some other programs will support it in the future and it can become a standard.

GPX and KML can be used with extensions, but they are not ideally designed for this.
HST, TCX, etc is owned by Garmin, and seems to change frequently. It also is limited in the data that can be store.

So we have fitlog, and we can add new versions as needed, which is much more difficult with the other formats (slower).

For those technically minded the schema is here:
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