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Power plugin please!

Postby jasonwoolfe on Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:01 pm

Adding to the requests about the power feature: I frequently train on a turbo that claims to have a stable and predictable speed:power relationship. (It's a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine). What this means is that as long as I know what speed I'm 'riding' at, I can calculate my power.
The great thing is that it's much, much, much cheaper than buying a power meter!

What I'd love to see in Ascent is the option to replace the existing algorithm for estimating power with a user-defined algorithm. Or, just sell it to me as a plugin! The guys that make the turbo publish the formula for calculating power.
It looks like this:
5.24482 * Speed + 0.019168 * Speed³

(where speed is measured in mph).
They also publish a set of assumptions used to make an approximation to real life (crank length, air density, drag etc etc).
I know perfectly well the resulting power figure won't be 100% accurate - but as long as the constants remain constant (which, on a turbo, they will) the figures are always comparable and that's what matters to me.
So, if Ascent offered the ability to calculate power whenever I'm on the turbo (by referencing the equipment settings), I'd know my power numbers could be compared from session to session. At the moment I have to do the calculations manually in Excel and it's a headache. I'd willingly pay a little bit to turn Ascent into a really valuable tool at a fraction of the price of a power meter.



PS to give you an idea of the discrepancy between the 'estimated' power figures and my calculations using the Kurt turbo, I do a 20 minute interval at 85% of FTP which I calculate to be 307 watts, but Ascent estimates at 212 watts. Big difference! The estimates are useless because if I want a rough guess of the work I've done, I could always look at the calorie figures (which also, I don't bother with).
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