Active Time vs Duration

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Active Time vs Duration

Postby on Mon May 28, 2012 9:33 pm

I haven't been using Ascent much recently due to problems synching with my Garmin 310xt (that's another topic!). However having managed to get a work-around on that topic i have now noticed that there seems to be a problem with the recording of Active time and duration.

Ascent has Active time and duration as being equal - this leads to issues when calculating moving pace etc (all being much lower than i am expecting). Garmin connect and strava seem to have it correct however suggesting the underlying data is correct....

I have tried one of the earlier suggested fixes of changing minimum speed within "Advanced Preferences" however this has had no effect (I have turned Ascent off and started again to see if there was an effect, but nothing).

Any tips? It's very bizarre - this only seems to had happened lately..

many thanks
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