Refresh map?

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Refresh map?

Postby brntn on Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:13 am

I've used Ascent for quite a few years and have lots of cached map data, a lot of which is quite old. In some of the areas I use there was previously no image available at closer zoom levels ("no camera" icon shown instead), but I've recently found that if I keep zooming in the map tiles for the next zoom level load correctly - presumably the Virtual Earth data has been updated since I first viewed the area. So I think that if I could force Ascent to re-load the tiles for which there used to be no image I would probably get the maps I want. I've found the "Refresh Map" menu item but when the map detail window is open (which is what I want to refresh) it is always greyed out. The help file suggests deleting the cache, but I'm very reluctant to do that because I have so much terrain cached and it is REALLY slow to load. Why is "Refresh Map" greyed out? How do I refresh parts of a map?
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