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Ascent for iPhone

Postby diane on Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:52 pm

Back in March 2008 I purchased the mobile version of Ascent as I had been using the desktop version for quite awhile and love it!

For some reason I was hoping that it would let me load in a previous workout map and show me where I've been, kind of like the maps app built into the OS. I didn't have a GPS in my old Touch so that didn't work and I stopped using it.

Last week I got my first iPhone and loaded Ascent onto that. It did sync my workouts with no problem and I did a run with it yesterday which it seemed to log just fine. But I now see there is really no feature to go back and "redo" a workout. (I know it sounds silly but I've sometimes hooked onto a ride by old markings on the road, and as the year goes on sometimes some roads get repaved and I lose my way).

So, the mobile version will not act as a "this is where I've been and I want to do it again" device. Is this a possibility for the future? For me that is much more useful than just looking at my data as I am able to pour over that on my laptop. :)

Another cool feather for both mobile and desktop version would be to graph temp. The iPhone will grab current temp based on location, how cool would it be to have Ascent mobile graph temp as you workout? 8)

Just some thoughts...... a little disappointed that it didn't work the way I expected and after all this time I don't have the description from when I bought it, so I'm not sure why I was hoping it would work that way. But I will never give up my desktop version!
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