AscentMobile 1.2.0 Sync Issue

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AscentMobile 1.2.0 Sync Issue

Postby georg on Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:59 am

Today I was very pleased to see a new version of AscentMobile for my iPhone. Loaded it and tried to sync my more than one year old activities over wifi…bummer :cry:
it syncs the old activities BUT

    • the Statistics do not get updated
    • the icons in the activity view are missing except one
    • the ascent in the activity view are still in "feet" and "mph" and "mi" but I switched to metric in the prefs
    • the ascent view is very pixelated and not highres

I would love to see these features on AscentMobile:
    • realHD support: Icons and graphs in HD
    • UniversalApp for iPhone and iPad
    • Sync via MobileMe or better DropBox. That way a backup of the user data will be in the cloud and the sync would act more "transparent"
    • process bar on sync
Please Rob, fix that! Thank you!



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