Ascent 1.9.0 is official

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Ascent 1.9.0 is official

Postby rob on Sun May 04, 2008 10:41 pm

New Features and Bug Fixes since 1.8.14:

- Polar HRM file import feature added under "File/Import..."
- Fix for Garmin Edge 605/705 imported tracks "Active Time" calculation
- Sync (CMD-L) should now work for the Edge 605/705. After the device is plugged into the mac via the USB cable, the GARMIN "Disk Drive" icon must appear on the desktop before the sync will work....
- Added the ability (via Preferences) to separately choose "centigrade" or "fahrenheit" regardless of the other "units" setting (metric or statute).
- Added "Combine Activities" feature - combines multiple activities into a one, useful if the GPS is reset during an activity
- Added "Split Activity" feature - you can now split an activity based on an "inactive time" threshold, or at any specific point
- Added a pseudo-3D road-surface look in the Detailed Activity View
- Added "Drag-and-Drop" of tcx+gpx files; multiple files can be dragged into either the Calendar or Browser view and they will be imported (hrm will be supported soon...)
- Added import of multiple files via the "Import" dialogs
- Added the ability to import TCX files in the non-registered version, subject to the 10-activity-per-document limit
- Fixed problem in the "Advanced" editing pane of the Detailed Data View related to metric units
- Fixed problem exporting activities containing no valid GPS values

Please use Ascent's auto-update feature to install, or download from here: ...
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