Ascent 1.8.10 (bug fix release)

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Ascent 1.8.10 (bug fix release)

Postby rob on Mon Feb 18, 2008 12:54 am

1.8.10 Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • fixed tcx export problem that caused Garmin Training Center to not import the resulting file
  • fixed several problems that occurred when deleting data points from the front of an activity in the Detailed Data view. This view now shows *all* data points, including ones with bad altitude, distance, or positional data readings (previously, these data points were hidden). Bad values can result when the GPS does not have a GPS lock or can not calculate altitude accurately. Normally every activity has several data points with one or more bad data fields
  • fixed problems editing altitude in the Detailed Data view
  • fixed update problem when clicking rows in the max/min statistics table in the main browser (current location indicatior -- yellow ball -- was not updating in map view)
  • fixed ordering of the popup in the "Add Activity... dialog now shows most recent activity first
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