Ascent 1.8.9 is official

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Ascent 1.8.9 is official

Postby rob on Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:42 pm

Use the auto-update feature of the program, or download from here: ...

New features:

  • calendar view will now display activity title, if there is enough room in the date cell
  • browser summary data (all data appearing in the main browser window) can now be exported as a comma-separated or tab-separated file (csv or tsv)
  • new "altitude filter", available in "Advanced Preferences". Forerunner users should set this to a value around 80-90, Edge users 50 or less. The goal of this feature is to smooth out the incredibly erratic readings of the non-barometic altimeter found in the Forerunner series
  • new default max altitude value in prefs (locks max altitude in graphs to a fixed value, so relative altitude differences between activities can be seen)
  • new graphical "dynamic range" display in all graphs, integrated with the vertical axes -- a shaded rectangle representing the range the data has varied over the activity
  • added "altitude" zones to the "Other Zone" preferences, and as a color-coding choice in the map display and activity detail graph. Also added min and max altitude, as well as 'time in altitude zones', as possible browser columns

  • several tcx and gpx import and export issues
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