Ascent 1.7.3 available - Improvements and Bug Fixes

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Postby rob on Wed Aug 08, 2007 1:55 pm

<li>New Feature: Added buttons in "Stats" pane next to max/min statistics that, when pushed, position the current animation time (and yellow ball) to the corresponding time that the max/min value was recorded</li>

<li>New Feature: Added new text entry field in browser "info" pane</li>

<li>New Feature: Added new "Edit" menu commands to move existing values from "Keyword 1" or "Keyword 2" fields to new text entry field (hopefully useful for users who used these fields for things like odometer values before the fields were changed from text entry to popups)</li>

<li>New Feature: Added new "General" preferences to label the new "Custom" text field, as well as the two keyword popups</li>

<li>New Feature: Completely re-worked the "Markers Panel" so that it is easier to create markers, and multiple markers can be created simply by dragging the data HUD to the desired location and pressing the "+" button on the panel</li>

<li>Updated the browser to always show the customized labels on columns and when building popup menus or dialogs that control which columns appear</li>

<li>Fixed problems with metric pace display in the Activity Detail view</li>

<li>Fixed problems with average calculations when inactive intervals present in the data</li>

<li>Added one decimal point to "weight" display in the "Info" tab of the main browser</li>

<li>Somehow, the "Example Activities" document and "Installation Instructions" were deleted from the "Extras" folder in installer dmg file, added these back in</li>

<li>Fixed problems importing gpx tracks without date/time data (Garmin devices such as the eTrex remove the date/time information from data points when saving tracks from the Active Log). Added a dialog that will appear during GPX import if date/time data is not found, and the user can then enter the date/time of the activity. There is no way to recover speed, pace, duration, and active time information with these tracks, however. Users with these devices should always sync with Ascent while the data is contained in the Active Log, *before* saving it to a track</li>

<li>Enhanced list editor (for editing activities, event types, etc) so that pressing ok while in an edit saves the in-progress edit without the user having to type RETURN. The editor now also automatically puts the user in edit mode on a newly-added line immediately after the user presses the "+" button.
Added a progress bar during save operations</li>
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Postby georg on Tue Aug 21, 2007 6:51 pm

Great new Version! Thank you! The first new feature was my request! :laugh:
... and I already love how you implemented it! Thank you!
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