Ascent 1.6.1 Bug Fix Release

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Postby rob on Tue May 22, 2007 4:24 am

1.6.1 Improvements and Bug Fixes:

<li>Fixed problem where certain browser fields (duration, active time, distance) were slightly off and the total of lap values did not add up to activity value for the field</li>

<li>Fixed problem with 'time in pace zones" calculation</li>

<li>Fixed problem where arrow keys in Activity View would not update the Data HUD correctly when any lap other than the first was displayed</li>

<li>Fixed update problem with "peak type" popup in Activity View settings draw</li>

<li>Added transparency control for heart rate zones in the Activity View settings drawer</li>

<li>"Zones" preference pane now supports direct entering of threshold values (don't have to use steppers), and tabbing between fields now works</li>

<li>Tuned "Average Gradient" and "Average Cadence" calculations to produce more accurate results</li>

<li>Non-selected laps in the Detailed Map View now display as gray so that color-coding of the selected lap is clearer</li>

<li>Fixed bug that could cause a crash after sync ("invalid selector" error message)</li>

<li>Changed date/time formats of activities and laps to include seconds, to avoid confusion with very short activities or laps having the same date/time string</li>

<li>Removed display of "below zone" region in Activity View</li>

<li>Changed search menu "Notes" item to "Info" to match title of field in main browser</li>

<li>Corrected problem in main browser:if a search fails while entering search text, no entries will now be displayed (instead of all entries)</li>

<li>Corrected "max time" display in Activity Statistics HUD and "Stats" Pane of main browser (were using elapsed time instead of "active" time)</li>
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