Version 1.3.1 available - as always, some new features and fixes

New versions of Ascent will be announced here

Postby rob on Mon Mar 26, 2007 2:33 am

-New feature: Open activity in Google Earth (requires Google Earth to be installed. Google Earth is a free download from here: )
Note: it is very cool to load an activity in Google Earth, select the path icon, and push the play button to invoke the "Fly-By" feature. See your activity replayed in 3D!
To use this feature, select an activity in Ascent, and type OPTION-CMD-G, or select "Open in Google Earth..." from the"View" menu
-New feature: Export activity as kml file
-New feature: Export activity latitude/longitude values to text file
-Fixed problem with metric weight values being displayed as statute in the "Info" pane
-Fixed problem that could occur if the an attempt was made to paste an activity in a document and an activity at the same time already existed

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