Ascent 1.6.3 released - some requested features + bug fixes

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Postby rob on Tue Jun 05, 2007 1:35 pm

1.6.3 Improvements and Bug Fixes:

<li>added new "General" preference: "Weeks start on Sunday or Monday" (default is Monday). This affects how data is organized in the browser and the summary views. </li>

<li>modified the browser so that whenever months appear, only activities actually occurring during each month appear under them. Weeks split between months therefore may appear in 2 adjacent months, but each week's entry will have just those activities that occurred during that month. Also, the "Months" and "Years" views in the browser no longer display weeks -- all activities within months are displayed contiguously. The "Normal" and "Weeks" views can still be used to access data by weeks. </li>

<li>modified the Summary View to display data correctly according to new week/month changes. </li>

<li>fixed problems with metric units in the new "Other Zones" preference pane </li>

<li>improved accuracy of "active (a.k.a. moving) time" calculations </li>

<li>better handing of data obtained from devices that do not produce distance values (such as the Garmin 301 series). During these calculations, bad GPS and speed values are now "smoothed" via interpolation, and lap times occurring on non-data-point boundaries are calculated more accurately. </li>

<li>activities now -- by default -- use the time zone the computer was set to when they were synced. If the time zone where synced is different from the time zone where the activity occurred, manual correction is required (see next item) </li>

<li>added the ability to modify the offset from GMT where an activity occurred via a new panel in the main browser that can be invoked from the menubar "Edit" menu, or via the contextual popup menu (right-or-control) click </li>

<li>corrected some spelling mistakes in menu items </li>

<li>copy/cut and other editing operations now work for contained activities if a week, month, or year entry is selected in the browser (previously, these only worked for selected activity rows) </li>
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