Ascent 1.5.0 is available

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Postby rob on Tue May 01, 2007 4:44 am

1.5.0 Improvements and Fixes:
<li>New feature: extended heart rate zone system to include 5 zones, as well as different methods of calculating zone ranges (Kervonen, Zoladz, Classic, and Custom)
<em>NOTE: You should visit the "Heart Rate Preferences" pane and check your heart rate zones after applying this update!</em></li>
<li>New feature: activity data can now be exported to comma or tab-separated text files</li>
<li>New feature: Cut/Copy/Paste can now be used to paste tab-delimited values into an external application such as Excel</li>
<li>New feature: Now simultaneously display 'speed' and 'pace' in Data HUD in the Activity View</li>
<li>New feature: arrow keys will can now be used to fine-tune end of the selection in the Activity View (for the Statistics HUD), holding the OPTION key while pressing the arrow keys allows fine-tuning of the start of the selection.</li>
<li>Replaced Activity View "Data HUD" with new, easier-to read version that has the same style as the statistics HUD</li>
<li>Added current distance to new Data HUD</li>
<li>Added opacity slider for activity statistics and data HUDs</li>
<li>Adjusted activity statistics HUD to include new zones and a "Below Zone 1" line. Also added percentage display.</li>
<li>Ruler tick values are now on user-friendly boundaries in activity view when Ascent is set to non-statute (metric) units</li>
<li>Added year of activity to header printed at the top of the activity view</li>
<li>Fixed bug where toggling graphs on/off in the Activity View would not update the existing graphs correctly.</li>
<li>Fixed GPX import problem that could cause a single track import to create multiple activities</li>
<li>Mini profile display in the main browser now clears when an activity or lap is not selected</li>
<li>Corrected problem preventing current position indicator (yellow ball) from appearing in mini profile display</li>

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Postby saeedi on Tue May 01, 2007 6:32 am

Incredible! I have never seen a Mac application with as much refinements as this. It keeps getting better.

Next feature request: Make me ride my bike faster!

Thanks for the timely updates.
- Steve
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Postby gpelpel on Tue May 01, 2007 2:07 pm

Wow! That's a lot in a week.
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Postby kurterle on Thu May 03, 2007 12:07 am

The rapid improvements to Ascent, which at the start was a top-flight program, put other bike logs to shame. Ascent is begnning the challenge MotionBased in the quality of the data analysis. I've used Macs since 1985 and I have never seen more responsiveness, quicker improvement, or better value in any piece of software.
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